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Frequently Asked Questions

Is what I tell you in a counselling session confidential?

A: Yes, except in some very unusual circumstances, where someone’s safety is in danger.

Q: How long do people typically see you for counseling?

A: This varies greatly, depending on the issues involved. This is a decision that we will come to together.  Some people see me for short-term work (e.g. sometimes for as few as three sessions), others engage in longer term work which may last for months or years.

Q: Do you offer couples counseling?

A: While the partner of a client may sometimes join us in session, I do not typically offer couple’s therapy.  I have some very competent colleagues to whom I refer people when it appears that couple’s work would be advantageous.

Q: Do you see adolescents for counseling?

A: I do not generally work with individuals under the age of 17 years.  I would of course be happy to refer you to an appropriate therapist.

Q: For what concerns do you employ hypnotherapy?

A: Hypnotherapy has a broad range of applications.  Some of the most common concerns hypnotherapy may be useful for are: anxiety and stress management, smoking cessation and pain management. For more information about hypnotherapy, please see Thoughts on Therapy: Hypnotherapy Page.

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